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Open Grant Call 2022

Cancer Research Wales is inviting proposals for high quality and innovative research projects within Wales. These projects can take place in any cancer-related field and are not limited to any specific cancer type.

Start date

11 Jul 2022




Maximum £300,000

The proposal should align with our Research Strategy which comprises four broad themes:

  • Discovery and Translational Research
  • Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis
  • Better Treatments
  • Health Systems and Outcomes Research

If you are unsure if your proposal is suitable, please contact the Head of Research, Dr Lee Campbell, by e-mail on

Several types of grants are available depending on the nature of the proposal. These grants, along with the maximum amount of funding available for each, are listed below:

PhD Studentship (£100,000) 

These grants provide support for 3 years for a defined piece of cancer research.

Clinical PhD Studentship (£240,000)

These grants provide support for clinicians, supervised by an established researcher, for a defined piece of research leading to the qualification of PhD. The project is to be carried out within a host Welsh University or NHS research facility.

Project Grant Level 1 (£150,000)

These grants provide support for promising post-doctoral scientists to accelerate their research careers beyond their PhD studies.

Project Grant Level 2 (£300,000)

These grants are a higher level of funding that has the potential to quickly bridge the translational gap and impact clinical practice. 

Normally, these grants will only be made available for exceptional pieces of research that are a further continuation of research previously funded by Cancer Research Wales.

If you would like more information regarding the eligibility of your proposal for Project Grant Level 2 funding, please contact the Head of Research.

How to apply?

If you are interested in applying to this Open Grant Call, please download the Expression of Interest form below.

Once completed, the form is to be returned to the Head of Research, Dr Lee Campbell, by email at

Key Dates:

Expression of interest deadline

22 August 2022

Invitation to submit full application

9 September 2022

Full application deadline

25 November 2022

Cancer Research Wales retains the right to amend these dates where necessary.