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Research Strategy

Research: it's in our DNA

Our Research Strategy is the foundation for our approach to funding world-class cancer research to address the big challenges and key priorities for cancer in Wales, so that it has the biggest impact for those living with the disease.

Since 1966 Cancer Research Wales has been saving lives through pioneering research. We have spent more than £30 million funding the best researchers, clinicians, and health professionals to push the boundaries of cancer research here in Wales. Our research delivers hope for people affected by cancer today and will transform the future for the patients of tomorrow.

By 2030, it’s estimated that 230,000 people across Wales will have cancer. Our research will change the lives of our friends, neighbours, and family members.

We are in the process of updating our strategy for the next five years in line with Wales' priorities and our new brand. Our vision is a Wales united against cancer through world-class research.