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Ein gweledigaeth yw Cymru sydd wedi uno yn erbyn canser drwy ymchwil o safon fyd-eang. 

Our vision is a Wales united against cancer through world-class research.

Ers 1966, mae ein hymchwil arloesol wedi bod yn achub bywydau, yma yng Nghymru.

Since 1966, our pioneering research has been saving lives, right here in Wales. 

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Helpwch ni i ariannu ymchwil canser o'r radd flaenaf yma yng Nghymru

Mae eich cefnogaeth yn rhoi gobaith i bobl ledled Cymru am ddyfodol gwell. Mae ein holl gyllid ymchwil yn cael ei wario yng Nghymru gan ganiatáu i arloesedd go iawn ddechrau'n agos at adref. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

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Our vision is a Wales united against cancer through world-class research. Together we will reduce the impact of cancer and improve unacceptable survival rates. We will work to make sure that the people of Wales do not have to accept cancer as a life-threatening disease. And we will do this by supporting the best cancer researchers and clinicians to make discoveries which will transform lives.

Our DNA is what makes us human, but it’s also what sets us apart. It’s what makes us who we are, and ultimately, it’s what drives us forward to change cancer outcomes across Wales.

Wales is a part of our very make-up. Everything we do is for the people of Wales, and our work is putting our country on the map as a place of innovation and research, while changing lives for cancer patients here in Wales.

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