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A Mile Every Hour: Corey's Story

We spoke to Corey Evans from Brecon who has raised over £7,000 by running for Cancer Research Wales in support of a close friend

Read his story below and support him on his journey

What did you do to fundraise for Cancer Research Wales?

I decided to do a challenge which was one mile, on the hour, every hour for 24 hours! To take it beyond marathon territory I finished with a 4.2 mile run on the 25th hour to take it to 28.2 miles in total!

Why did you choose to fundraise for Cancer Research Wales?

The challenge was in aid of a close friend who underwent brain surgery towards the end of 2023. 

How did you come up with the idea of the mile every hour for 24 hours?

I chose this challenge as it was different to anything I’ve seen before and wanted it to be unique.

How did your friends and family respond to the idea?

Although friends and family thought I was a little mad for doing this, I was hugely supported and I was joined by 66 different runners throughout the day. Some completing 1 mile and some considerably more!

How did you feel during the challenge?

It was physically and mentally draining with no sleep whatsoever and a lack of food. The hardest part was definitely between 1-3am where it was pitch black and required head torches facing the ground constantly, simply one foot in front of the other!

How did you feel after the challenge?

To get to the finish line with a crowd of at least 200-300 was special and made every second worthwhile! A combination of relief, exhaustion, and emotion stood out!

How did it feel when you realised that you’d raised over £7,000 for Cancer Research Wales?

To then see the totaliser go past £7000 including gift aid was truly remarkable and I will forever be beyond grateful.

Are you planning any more fundraising challenges now?

Who knows, there may be another around the corner myself!

What would you say to someone who was thinking of doing a fundraising event for Cancer Research Wales?

My advice to anyone who’s considering an event is to just simply - DO IT - you’ll never do anything more rewarding for a great cause.

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