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What we do

Since 1966, our pioneering research has been saving lives, right here in Wales. Almost 60 years of research has contributed to vast improvements in cancer services and better outcomes for countless people. We are working to make sure the people of Wales do not have to accept cancer as a life-threatening disease. We do this by supporting the best cancer researchers and clinicians to make discoveries which will transform lives, because research is in our DNA.

Research: it's in our DNA

Cancer Research Wales is the only charity wholly dedicated to funding cancer research in Wales, for Wales.

For more than 50 years, we’ve worked with the government and key decision makers to revolutionise cancer research and make the right policy changes for the people of Wales. 

Our work has never been more important. By 2030, it’s estimated that 230,000 people across Wales will have cancer.

One in two of us will get cancer, which means we will all be affected by cancer in one way or another. To tackle this, our research is happening all over Wales, in our communities, our hospitals, our GP surgeries. It’s making Wales a healthier, and better place to live.

Thanks to the work we’ve already done, we know more about cancer than ever before. Every day, we’re turning this knowledge into better treatments and outcomes for cancer patients. And we’ll keep on learning.

We’ll continue to work towards even better treatments, tests, and drugs for those with cancer, so they can lead better lives with those they love. The work we’re doing is universal – our research is for all cancers, for all people, and for all of Wales.

With research, we can change the narrative of what a cancer diagnosis means. Because hope remains at the core of our DNA. Hope for the next generation of cancer patients, for our children, and for Wales.

Generosity: it's in our DNA

Generosity is in the DNA of our supporters. 

Since 1966, the people of Wales have come together to fund more than £30m exemplary research right here on our doorsteps. This has enabled us to address the priorities of cancer patients across Wales.

It has funded life-saving research and treatments, it has supported neighbours, friends, and family, and it has firmly established Wales as a quality provider of research and innovation.

Cancer is one of Wales’ biggest killers, but our research, funded solely by our supporters, pays for the time and equipment our scientists need. It pays for brilliant scientific minds, right here in Wales, to research cancers and to discover breakthroughs to improve outcomes across the country.

From making a simple donation, to running marathons, to volunteering in our shops – and everything in between – our supporters make a huge difference to thousands of people each and every day.

And by supporting Cancer Research Wales, you too could play an important role in a Wales united against cancer.