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How your gift will help

Without gifts in Wills Cancer Research Wales wouldn’t be able to fund the research taking place across the country to unite Wales against cancer. We wouldn’t be able to make new discoveries or create better treatments. And we wouldn’t be able to change lives.

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That’s why we’re so grateful for every gift we receive from our kind supporters, people like you. Generosity is in the DNA of our supporters, just as research is in ours.

Any gift, no matter the size, will help fund the research of tomorrow and create a better future for all people with all cancers, and their loved ones, across Wales.

Thanks to the thoughtful supporters who’ve left legacies in the past, we’ve been able to fund more than £30m of exemplary research right here on our doorsteps; improving the ways in which cancer is diagnosed, leading to better outcomes for all cancers and changing the lives of those living with the disease.

To change cancer, the answer lies in research. When you leave a gift in your Will to us, you can trust that your gift will make an active difference right here in Wales to the people of Wales. Together we can change the meaning of a cancer diagnosis and create a better future for the next generation.

Professor Alan Parker

Cardiff University

“It means so much to me and my team that people are kind enough to leave a gift in their Will to Cancer Research Wales. Gifts like these will make a huge difference in helping more people survive cancer.”