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Why I'm running for Cancer Research Wales: Thanasi’s Story

Thanasi is taking part in this year’s Cardiff Bay 10K for Cancer Research Wales in memory of his father, who he lost to cancer

Read his story below and support him on his journey

It was a New Year’s resolution of Thanasi’s to maintain a healthier work-life balance, so he began running again in late December 2023, training properly as the month went on.

He initially began by running 5km about 3 or 4 times a week before building up to 10km runs in February 2024.

“I enjoyed my runs so much that I decided to enter the Cardiff Bay 10k to also help raise money for the incredibly important work undertaken by Cancer Research Wales."

Thanasi is running in memory of his late father, who he lost to cancer, as well as other loved ones. It will be Thanasi’s first time running for charity as well as his first event run “in a very long time.”

“I've been training consistently for about four months now."

While he hadn’t run in a while, it didn’t take him long to get hooked: “There were days where I craved a run when work got in the way, and I didn’t have time to do even 5km before work.”

"It was challenging in the very beginning, as I really had to push myself to get back into shape. I thought I was fit, but I soon realized I wasn't quite at the level that I thought I was.”

Since then, Thanasi has said that he has made sure to make time during the week: “Sticking with it has definitely paid off – I feel so much better in myself now!”

Why it Matters

After the first few weeks, which Thanasi describes as “particularly challenging”, he looked for races to enter as an extra motivating factor to keep up his training.

“The Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay 10K was perfect in terms of timing and the fact that I could also enter as a member of Team Cancer Research Wales. I lost my dad (and other family members as well) to cancer; it was a rough time. Cancer hurts so many people in so many different ways, taking part and contributing even just a very small part to the important work that is taking place in tackling cancer is really important to me."

Family and Friends

Thanasi has been encouraged by his family and friends who he says have been “incredibly supportive” – sponsoring his run (without asking) to checking in and him on how his training is going.

“The best part of training is the support I get from them when I'm able to share that I beat a personal best. Sometimes they seem happier than I am!"

The Cardiff Bay 10K is taking place on May 19 2024 – to see our full list of events, click here. Keep an eye out for something that’ll really challenge you – we know you’ve got what it takes!