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Diagnostic Journeys in Prostate Cancer

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Canolfan Ymchwil Gynradd y Gogledd, Wrecsam

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Health Systems and Cancer Outcomes Research

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Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer, with more than 3000 men diagnosed in Wales each year. Unfortunately, many of these men are diagnosed with late-stage prostate cancer – this is caused in part by the reticence of men to visit their GP, often considering symptoms as just part of ageing or simply ignoring the warning signs.

Through this Cancer Research Wales funded study, Professor Clare Wilkinson and Dr Julian Hiscox looked to document, in detail, the experiences of men with prostate cancer, from their first symptoms through to being seen in secondary care, as well as those of the GPs and urologists who looked after them. Through a series of surveys, interviews and focus groups, the team aimed to investigate the thought processes and actions of both patients and clinicians to understand where, and why, there are discrepancies in patient experiences. The aim of the study was to inform policy decisions and spread information about best practice across Wales, which included a stakeholder meeting to disseminate the findings held in July 2021.

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Yr Athro Clare Wilkinson

Canolfan Ymchwil Gynradd y Gogledd, Wrecsam