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Investigating the Novel Cancer Antigen TEX19

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Bowel, Lung

Of all cancers, bowel and lung cancers place the greatest burden on the NHS in Wales. There is a clear need for improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of these cancers, as well as the more detailed information about the cancer clinicians need to inform their decisions.

This Cancer Research Wales funded study is investigating the protein TEX19, which is not normally found in healthy tissues but has been linked to both bowel and lung cancer. The team are using a three-pronged approach to understanding the importance of TEX19:

1. They are using tumour samples to determine whether TEX19 can be detected in early-stage cancer, for use as a diagnostic test.

2. They are investigating whether measuring the level of TEX19 can be used as a test to distinguish between high and low risk patients.

3. They are assessing whether drugs targeting TEX19 could be a novel way of treating cancer.

This study has the potential to significantly improve outcomes for lung and bowel cancer patients.

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Dr Ramsay McFarlane

Prifysgol Bangor